Successful coach marketing requires a great coaching staff

What do Great Coaches Have in Common?

Time for an analogy.

You’re the coach. Your clients are the players on your team.

In this sport, crowds don’t fill stadiums to cheer for your players to crush the out-of-town rivals.

No, in this sport, your players go into the crowds to inspire and serve them.

Your team wins when each player overcomes obstacles to their success, like bad habits, mental collapses, and poor planning. Your team wins when each player does their job with enthusiasm,  skill, and a long-term focus. Your team wins when the crowds are better off after contact with your players.

And your job as coach is to prepare your players to be evolving toward their best possible version of themselves.

But while you’re doing that, you also have to build your team, right? You have to find new players who will excel under your coaching style and strategies … while other coaches are trying to recruit those same prospects. So you need a system to attract and sign up top prospects.

Oh, and by the way, YOUR players don’t get paid millions of dollars to impress their fans like in some sports. Instead, your players pay YOU for the privilege of being on YOUR team. So you also need a financial system to make sure they gladly pay you without making you into a bill collector.

Can you build and run the systems to attract top prospects, grow your team, and manage your accounts receivable … all while coaching your players to be at the top of their game? All by yourself?

And here, finally, we answer the question. What do great coaches have in common?

… A great coaching staff.

We’re talking about coaching staff members who of course have mastery over their profession. But if you’re going to run a great team, you need more. You need them to believe in what you’re doing. To want the same results you want. To share your passion for helping the players make positive changes in their lives.

We created Successful Coach Marketing for you. Because we get excited about what Life Coaches do for people, and by extension, for our society. When it comes to marketing your Life Coach services, you’re just not going to find a more skilled, passionate, and dedicated duo than Jesse and Gary.

So explore this site. Get to know us. We’d love to join your coaching staff so you can be freed up to do more of what you do best — Life Coaching.

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