Meet the Guys Behind Successful Coach Marketing

Hi, coach! Thanks for visiting our site. We created it because we believe deeply in the value of Life Coaches. We’re convinced your services empower people to overcome their overwhelm, and release their talents and ideas and … life … into our world. We want you to succeed because of the tremendous leverage your success has on the whole of humanity. We’ve created this site and our business to serve YOU.

But of course you want to know a little something about us.

Gary Mull

Gary married his high school sweetheart in 1987. He and Tammy have four grown children and three pugs. No grandchildren. Yet. They live in Saline, Michigan.

Gary has played the piano since 1972 and earned his Bachelor degree in Piano Performance from the University of Michigan School of Music in 1987. He continues to play at his church and in musicals for local high schools and community groups.

Gary’s copywriting career began in 2005 when he realized writing copy is an art with rhythm and nuance, just like a Chopin Waltz or a Bach Prelude and Fugue. Gary seeks out the best businesses and helps them grow by using his words to express their message.

Jesse Moskel

Jesse is a master copywriter and marketing consultant.

In 2015, Jesse and Gary teamed up. They blend their wildly different experiences and styles with a common goal: Help people who are helping people. In this, Jesse and Gary are united.

They know it’s good to help people … to serve. But when they can help 50 people who are in turn helping 50 other people, well, that leverage to bring good to 2,500 people compels them to dig deep and bust their butts so Life Coaches will succeed.